Network Security

Next Generation Vulnerability Assessment

Identifying, classifying, and prioritizing cyber security threats and vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure.

Next Generation Vulnerability Assessment

Our Next Generation Vulnerability Assessment (NGVA) service is a comprehensive, automated scan of your network to detect security flaws, bugs, anomalies, and misconfigurations combined with our cyber security analyst’s in-depth, manual review and risk-based assessment of the results.

Traditional security companies rely solely on automated tools for conducting assessments, which lead to unnecessary noise, false positives, and in many cases results in inaccurate assessments of the real-world exploitability of security vulnerabilities.

As opposed to traditional approaches, Cyber Citadel’s NGVA service not only relies on automated tools, but also combines automated output with our own custom, propriety toolsets, which are reviewed and analyzed manually by our security team.

We eradicate false positives by verifying vulnerabilities independently, removing security issues with no real-world impact. Each vulnerability is given a risk assessment, outlining key recommendations and advice for threat remediation before being incorporated into the final report. We also offer remediation support addressing identifiable vulnerabilities as part of our NGVA.

Our online portal makes managing vulnerability assessments a breeze for any of our clients.

Personalised Dashboard

  • Manage completed, ongoing and pending vulnerability assessments from your personalised dashboard.
  • Review the overall risk to your company with a chart displaying the total number of vulnerabilities found.
Next Generation Vulnerability Assessment Personalised Dashboard

Visualise the Risk

  • Findings grouped into critical, high, medium and low-risk vulnerabilities.
  • Each individual finding is flagged as open or closed.
  • Every finding comes with its own description, likelihood rating, business impact and recommended mitigation strategy.
Visualise Risk Next Generation Vulnerability Assessment

Seamless Report

  • Every report created by Cyber Citadel will be listed by report type.
  • A quick-view list of the vulnerabilities found can be accessed on every completed assessment.
Next Generation Vulnerability Assessment Report

Next Gen Vulnerability Assessment

Identify weaknesses that need correction, including misconfigurations and policy non-compliance vulnerabilities, that patching, and maintenance alone may not address.  Reduce threats and improve your network security with our NextGen Vulnerability Assessment.