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Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Improve your cloud security posture with our free, no obligation Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Cloud Security Risk Assessment

With AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud becoming the cornerstone of many companies’ network infrastructure, cloud threats are becoming the primary attack vector for initial infiltration into an organization.

Cloud consoles are being heavily targeted for account take-over, and once the cloud console is compromised, the threat actors gain complete control of the infrastructure.  Misconfigurations, misplaced sensitive data, and policy violations create vulnerabilities on which attackers capitalize to attack and take control of your cloud environment.

Let us identify the most critical security risks in your cloud environment.

We deploy an agent-less platform in minutes with no impact to your workloads, no performance hits, and no organizational friction.

In less than 24 hours you’ll get complete visibility into your cloud estate and its most critical security risks.

The Aegis Cloud Security Risk Assessment Includes

1 on 1 with a Cyber Security Expert

A Cyber Citadel security expert will walk you through the Risk Assessment program and answer your questions and review your results.

Key Risk Findings Report

A detailed summary of your cloud security risks and an executive presentation with a Cyber Citadel expert who will review the report findings with you.

Actionable Insights

Get immediate, actionable insights and remediation recommendations for your most critical security risks.

Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Find out which misconfigurations are lurking in your cloud.  Improve your cloud network security with our free, no obligation Cloud Security Risk Assessment.