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Compromise Assessment

Manage cyber threats across your organization.

Penetration Testing

Compromise Assessment

Cyber-attacks leading to high-profile data breaches have steadily increased with the ever-growing number of connected devices and sophistication of threat actors.

Given such a large opportunity for threat actors, and despite growing security investments, companies struggle to identify whether they have been compromised.

Understanding whether your organization has been breached and identifying methods to reduce risk is critical to preventing cyber threats.

Reduce the risk of being breached

A Cyber Citadel Compromise Assessment helps you determine environmental risks, security incidents and ongoing threats against your network and cloud environment.  

Our cyber security experts look for:

  • Malicious files and activity
  • Unusual ports, protocols, or malformed data packet transmissions
  • Unusual data transmission levels from a host or to a specific destination
  • Sensitive data leaving the network, such as PII, personal data or credit card information
  • Command and control communication and backdoors
  • Suspicious changes in behavior on the database and application servers
  • Indicators of the presence of any file-less malware

The Benefits of a Cyber Citadel Compromise Assessment

Combining Cyber Citadel’s extensive experience, proprietary technology, and behavioral analytics with industry-leading threat intelligence, we help avoid financial and reputation loss to a business by increasing preparedness and identifying ways to minimize risk:

  • Provides a robust analysis of ongoing or previous compromises and breaches
  • Provides risk assessment by identifying vulnerabilities in security architecture, system security misconfigurations, improper policy violations and human error
  • Provides increased situational awareness on systematic risk of exposure
  • Increases an organization’s preparedness for future intrusions
  • Reveals insights into the motivations of a threat actor
  • Delivers MITRE’s ATT&CK model to help characterize and describe post-compromise behavior
  • Provides comprehensive reporting of the assessment and guidance on remediation

Actionable threat intelligence to optimize your network security

If a compromise is detected, our reporting breaks down the complex information into a clear chain of actionable intelligence.

We highlight the areas of compromise and provide guidance on remediation activities to optimize your team’s response time.

Even if our assessment does not find any threat activity, we will identify steps your company can take to improve your resiliency and breach readiness.