Managed Services

Aegis Red Teaming Managed Service

Continuously testing your people, processes, and technology by emulating real-world threats

Aegis Red Teaming Managed Service

Aegis Red Teaming Managed Service

Our red teaming platform service emulates attackers and generates real-time data to help identify vulnerabilities, resolve structural weaknesses, and make smart investment decisions. 

We continuously challenge, assess, and optimize your security controls across your entire organization.

You gain immediate visibility on the effectiveness of your security controls, people, and processes from the perspective of an attacker.

Utilizing the MITRE ATT&CK framework, we quantify, prioritize, and improve your network security with actionable remediation guidance, enabling you to confront threats with confidence.

The Benefits of Implementing Cyber Security Assessment and Prevention Monitoring

With our red teaming service, you will be able to:

  • Assess your current state to establish a security baseline
  • Prioritize mitigation based on validated threats
  • Rationalize cyber security spending
  • Prevent security regressions and assure optimal operational effectiveness

Solving the Problem of Quantifying Cyber Risk

Cyber security is a critical item on the agenda of business executives and the board.  Business initiatives have a direct impact on the organizations risk profile and yet, quantifying and conveying cyber risk to the business remains a challenge. 

The Aegis Red Teaming Service solves the challenge and provides KPIs and data to effectively quantify and communicate cyber risk against threats like ransomware and malware across all levels of the organization.

Cyber Citadel Vulnerability Assessment

Consider a vulnerability assessment to get started.  Our ‘look but don’t touch’ scan of your entire network, cloud, storage, applications, and databases will identify initial security weaknesses and priorities. Improve your network security with our Next-Generation Vulnerability Assessment.