Cyber security attacks keep increasing with every passing

Organizations are faced with a surge of cyber threats that are becoming increasingly sophisticated. 

As the Internet is becoming a dominating force around the world and computer networks are growing in size and complexity, network security is a critical aspect for businesses, no matter the size.

And while no network is entirely immune to cyber-attacks, a stable and efficient security system is critical in protecting your data. So, how can you tell if your network is secure?

Without independent verification, you can’t. Just as you get an audit to ensure your financial statements are accurately reported and appropriate financial controls are in place, you need the same for your cyber security defenses.

Today, most boards are looking at cyber security as one of the biggest risks to their business, partly because it is so hard to understand. CEOs are frustrated because it’s incredibly costly, and you can never say you are done. So, what do you do? 

For organizations seeking to reduce their cyber security risk, a vulnerability assessment, a cloud security risk assessment, or a penetration test (“PenTest”) is a good place to start.  Using the right assessment for your business, Cyber Citadel can help you assess your organization’s most critical cyber security risks and fully understand how secure your network really is.


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