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Aegis Cloud Security Service

Continuously monitor, identify and remediate threats in your cloud environment

Aegis Cloud Security Service

Aegis Cloud Security Managed Service

With AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud becoming the cornerstone of every company’s quest to scale their business and deliver value to their customers, it is critical to have a single, unified view of your company’s cloud infrastructure across all providers to manage threats and prioritize risks.

Utilizing a single, agentless platform, the Aegis Cloud Security Managed Service continuously detects misconfigurations, policy violations and compliance risks in your cloud environment.  Our team of cyber security analysts constantly monitor for active cloud threats and vulnerabilities across all your cloud providers to achieve 100% coverage with a single, complete service. 

Designed for organizations operating in the cloud who need complete, centralized visibility of their entire cloud infrastructure and a complete team of highly experienced cyber security analysts dedicated to remediating the actual threats that matter.

The Benefits of the Aegis Cloud Security Managed Service

Easy Onboarding for Instant ROI

Onboarding your cloud accounts happens in minutes.  We automatically detect and monitor new cloud assets as they are added without requiring manual updates, always ensuring that changes to your environment are captured, monitored and remediated as necessary

Achieve 100% coverage

Within minutes, there is 100% visibility and coverage for all your cloud assets across VMs, containers, and serverless applications as well as cloud infrastructure resources allowing our cyber security analysts to understand and monitor all your cloud risks.

A Single Unified Platform backed by Industry Leading Cyber Security Analysts

The single, agentless platform addresses all your cloud uses cases … and more allowing our cyber security analysts to understand, query, investigate report on, mitigate and remediate all of your cloud risks easily.

Prioritize the Alerts that Matter

With full visibility into your cloud assets, our cyber security analysts can prioritize the 1% of alerts that truly matter, identify the attack paths with the greatest threat to your business and then remediate those cloud risks.

Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Find out which misconfigurations are lurking in your cloud.  Improve your cloud network security with our free, no obligation Cyber Citadel Cloud Security Risk Assessment.